[IF-Submission] It’s Oh So Yesterday.


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submission for Illustration Friday. The word for this week is ‘Yesterday’. Can you guess from which era is this? :D


Yesterday | watercolor & pencil color on paper

4 Thoughts on “[IF-Submission] It’s Oh So Yesterday.

  1. era 80-an mungkin ??

    Yak betuuul! :D

  2. Sometimes I wonder how we dressed like that and went out on the streets! Anyhoo, great illustration. And you know something? Although fashion was a bit “strange” back then, I think that the 80′s rocked…

    Of course we could dress like that (proudly) on public, it was the coolest style at that time :D
    Thank you for visiting :)

  3. 80an! Teringat breakdance dan anak-anak muda yg bawa2 tape di bahunya :)

    Hahaha, sungguh 80an! :D

  4. era fauziah on 18/12/2013 at 09:06 said:

    kenapa ada nama saya disana ?!



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