Illustration Friday : Pattern

“Too lazy to draw but really want to submit something for Illustration Friday? Then post your old artworks!” said my bestfriend on the phone last night.:)

Alright, Here they are!

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Mention ‘pattern’ in front of a textile design graduate, all that she can think of is patterns for fabrics. :D Anyway, these are some old artworks I made when I was working as an artwork designer in an interior textile company. I

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used water color, oil pastel & poster color for these artworks.

BTW, you gotta see what she submitted for IF:Pattern! Yes, we are textile design graduates. :D

4 Thoughts on “Illustration Friday : Pattern

  1. nella on 30/09/2009 at 06:46 said:

    lu ga masukin sofa di kantor-lu-tau-apa yang pake artwork lu di joknya? hhahaha

    okke! : tadinya berniat begitu, mu gw masukin tiga atau empat foto tempat yang upholsterynya pake desain gw… hahahah

  2. Ria on 30/09/2009 at 16:06 said:

    Xixixixi…..slamat posting2, Ke…
    Jadi teringat jaman2 bikin motif n mikirin repeat system nya. Smakin njelimet smakin seru *dan merasa pintar….scara anak Tekstil gitu loh…hahhaha…*

    okke! : pattern 1 itu repeatnya setengah, yang pattern ke-2 repeat penuh. Yang ketiga err.. enaknya apa? *gw ga nemu mana yang bisa direpeat – kecuali kalo beberapa bagian ditambah*. Dibahas! :))

  3. Pattern-nya keren-keren banget… apalagi yang nomor 1… Sukaaa! :)

  4. Aihh.. aiihh.. tiga2nya kereenn.. tapii.. ntah kenapa gua jatuh cinta ama yang pertamaa.. perpaduan warnanya baguss ^o^

    Aahh.. ahh.. dirimuu inii.. so creative :D

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